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I’ve forgotten my password, how can I access my account?

Not a problem! Click here to reset your password.

I’d like to ask Dr. Lam a question. Do I need an account?

Yes, an account is required. If you do not have one, you may register for free here.

Dr. Lam Products

I would like to purchase one of Dr. Lam’s products. Can you recommend where to order from?

Of course! Supplement Clinic carries Dr. Lam’s full line of products.

I purchased one of Dr. Lam’s products, but my PIN isn’t working.

Please submit a support request here. Be sure to include your PIN and the vendor that you purchased your product from. You must be logged in to use this page.

I purchased Dr. Lam’s ebook. Why does some content seem to be missing?

Please ensure you’ve downloaded the ebook using the link titled “Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome in epub format!”. You will find this link below the Online Recovery Modules (ORM) section of your Private Library. Some users have confused the ORM with the ebook. However these are separate products, and the ORM is provided as supplemental bonus material to the book.

I successfully downloaded Dr. Lam’s ebook, but my computer doesn’t recognize the “epub” format.

Simply follow the instructions that correspond to your device:

Laptop or desktop computer: Download the Calibre eReader here.

Apple iOS and Apple OSX: Download iBooks or your favorite epub reader from the Apple appstore and use it to open the epub file.

Android: Download Kobo or your favorite epub reader from the Google app store and use it to read the epub file.

Windows Phone: Download Bookviser or your favorite epub reader from the Windows market place.

Kindle: Download the Calibre eReader here. Use it to convert the epub file to mobi and then email the mobi file to your kindle device or transfer it via USB.

Sony Reader: epubs work well on your Sony Reader.